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NOW TV is the best way to enjoy Sky Entertainment, Movies and Sports on your big screen without a long contract.

It's fast, flexible and easy to set up, and you control your own subscription costs from month to month. 

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Roku streaming stick

98 LIVE FREEVIEW CHANNELs, Sky Sports/movies, netflix and 4k compatible

All your favourite UK Freeview channels available live and on demand with the TV player app plus optional Sky channels such as Sky sports and Sky Movies



Easily access Sky channels on your iPad, laptop, P.C or Mac from anywhere in the world.

Live Sky sports and Movies on demand plus access to BBCiPlayer and more. 



WANT TO access Sky on-demand via your sky box?

then this is the ANSWER FOR YOU

Set up in minutes and enables access to all Sky on-demand services such as Sky store, box sets and catch up TV. (sky subscription required).